Open Hours

Daily from 9:00 to 22:00 in normal mode (it is possible to extend the lease around the clock). Night shooting is possible within the package (from 8 hours from 22:00 to 8:00) and hourly (must be linked to the extreme armor in the studio).

Booking is carried out through administrators by phone: +372 53264429, in the Instagram profile header or on the site

Booking via Instagram or Facebook is considered confirmed only after a positive response from the administrator and the phrase “Booked” and after full payment of the studio rental.

The moment of booking is an automatic agreement with the rules of the studio (the booking studio is responsible for reporting the rules to all participants in the shooting process and bears full financial responsibility for the actions of all participants in the shooting or damage to the property of the studio).

Minimum booking time is 1 hour. Studio hour is 58 minutes. The last 2 minutes of the rental are allotted for acceptance of the premises and cleaning.

The minimum rental extension time (from 9 to 22 hours) is 30 minutes.

The minimum time to extend the rental at night (after 22 hours) is 1 hour.

You can book a studio only from the beginning of a full hour (for example, from 10.00, 12.00, etc.).

Rental of halls after 22:00 (regardless of the duration of the lease) is calculated at the double cost of renting a hall (with a standard number of people up to 9) + 7 euros (one-time taxi payment to the administrator).

In our studio, there is a rule of prepayment:

Prepayment is made within 24 hours from the time of booking and is 100% of the total rental amount.

You can make an advance payment in cash to the administrator, by bank transfer to the bank account, payment by bank details.

If the prepayment is not received within 24 hours from the time of booking the time, the reservation will be charged automatically.

If you refuse the reservation, reschedule the time or date of the booking, reduce the rental time in less than 48 hours, the studio reserves the right to withhold 100% prepayment.

A full refund to the client is made only if the cancellation was reported at least 48 hours before the planned shooting.

To cancel and change the reservation, you must call the administrator by phone: +372 53264429, come to the photo studio in person, write to the administrator on the social network or email.

Parking on Tatari Street and surrounding areas is paid KESKLINN parking zone P20

The first 15 minutes are free if the driver has fixed the start time of the parking in writing mode or using the parking hours.

1,5 € / hour or 0,025 € / min

Paid parking: Mon-Fri 07: 00-19: 00, Sat 08: 00-15: 00

Sundays free.

The photo studio does not guarantee the availability of parking spaces in this territory.

Entrance to the halls is possible strictly in removable shoes (slippers are offered at the entrance) or without shoes at all.

The beginning of the rental is the declared time that was booked, not the actual start time of the shooting. Delay is not a reason for reducing the cost of rent or its extension.

The end of the rental time is the time when the tenant frees up the hall.

The shooting hour is 58 minutes. It is necessary to complete the shooting 2 minutes before the end of the booked time – this is done so that the administrator checks the equipment and prepares the studio for the next client. Five minutes before the end of the rental period, our administrator will inform you that you have left 3 minutes before time is running out.

If, after the time reserved by the tenant, the room is free, you can extend the rental time by paying an extra hour at the price list.

If the room is reserved by the next customer, then you must leave the room no later than the rented time. At the end of the shooting, the rented room must be put in order, the requisite is put to the places where you took it from.

Garbage formed during the shooting must be cleaned before the end of the rental period.

The use of confetti, fluff, snow, etc. is possible only after agreement with the administration and the provision of additional paid services in the amount of 5 to 10 euros.

Smoking in an inappropriate place, raising an open fire in the halls, improper behavior, drinking alcohol, being drunk, and / or intoxicated, as well as filming involving violent and / or pornographic scenes.

The use of coloring, easily soiled items, as well as the adhesive tape, is forbidden.

It is allowed to move furniture in the hall, but for any damage to the studio property, the client bears full financial responsibility. Do not forget that the floors scratch when moving furniture, so if you rearrange large items, do this without injuring the floor and walls or ask the administrator for help.

It is forbidden to remove/modify decor elements without the permission and assistance of the administrator. We kindly request to return everything to their places at the end of the shooting!

Colibri photo studio is not responsible for things left unattended, but if possible will do everything to preserve them. Lost items are stored for 2 weeks. Administrators contact clients themselves when it is known for certain who owns the forgotten things. We ask customers to pick up items found in the studio as soon as possible.

In the public area and in the corridors, for security reasons, video surveillance is being conducted.

Shooting with animals is possible by prior agreement with the administration and an additional charge of 10 euros. You are solely liable for the damaged property of the studio.

The maximum number of people in the hall during the shooting is 9.

If this amount is exceeded, the rental price increases:

from 10 to 14 people + 20% to the lease of the hall;

from 14 to 19 people + 40% to the lease of the hall;

more than 19 people + 100% to the lease of the hall.

* The cost of renting halls for events is calculated individually.

1-2 pulsed flash sources + standard flash head are provided in each room. Information about the possibility of providing a larger number of lightning sources must be agreed with the administrator. IT IS FORBIDDEN TO USE PILOT LIGHT OF PULSE FLASHLIGHT FOR VIDEO RECORDING. For this, the studio has the appropriate equipment. In each room, the synchronizer is already tuned to the correct channel.

The change of flash heads is carried out by the tenant independently. If it is necessary, the administrator is always ready to assist you.

Installation and change of paper backgrounds at the request of the tenant is carried out by the administrator.

Paper backgrounds are consumables and in case of spoilage, they are paid extra at the rate of 10 euros per linear meter.

Our tenants are also provided with additional studio equipment rental services. You can find the full list of equipment on our website in the section Services – Equipment rental.

Please note that the studio is ready to guarantee the availability of a certain position only in case of preliminary reservation of equipment by phone +372 53264429. The studio has the right to refuse to provide the reserved equipment in case of breakdown.

Installation of equipment is carried out strictly at the time you rent the hall. Installation time is not deducted from the total time of your reservation. Therefore, please plan the duration of your rental, taking into account the specifics of the equipment used and the time for its installation/dismantling.

The use of additional equipment in the hall is a paid service and is negotiated separately with the technical administrator.

At the end of the shooting, the equipment is mandatory checked by the administrator. For damage and breakdown of studio equipment, supplies and additional equipment, the tenant bears full financial responsibility and compensates for the losses established by the studio administration rates.

You can use one makeup table free of charge during the time of renting the room and one hour before the start of the booked time.

* Photo studio does not guarantee the recording of clean sound in a rented room.

* Furniture and decorations in studios may differ from the photographs presented on the site.

* Parents or guardians are fully responsible for the moral/physical health and safety of their children in the photo space.

* Ignorance of these rules does not relieve you of liability.

By renting a photo space, you agree to these rules.

Do not forget to inform about the rules of everyone who will participate in the shooting process (photographers, models, makeup artists, stylists, guests, and others).