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Area: 30m2

Hall with a different selection of colored backgrounds. Ideal for shooting on a white background, full-frame shooting, portraits, and products photography.

Art room equipment:*

Godox qt 400ii Flash 1pc
Large octobox 1 pc
Strip sotfbox 1 pc
Beauty dish 1 pc.

Paper background colours:
Black – White – Grey – Light-Blue – Blue – Purple – Brown – Yellow – Green – Red – Pink – Beige


NB! Please remove your shoes / keep them clean when using paper background. Otherwise you will be charged additionally!
*price per 1 damaged running meter – 15€

Rental price 20 € / hour

Full day booking costs 160 € (8 hours)

*If you need any additional equipment, kindly let us know in advance. We can provide it to you if it is not used in another room. It is forbidden to take light sources or equipment from other rooms on your own (our ask our manager for more info).

Clothing rental