Area: 55 square meters

The hall is divided into 4 zones – black and cream tiles, a neutral gray textured wall, a white cycloramma and a wooden window sill. Large windows on the shady side of the house provide soft light to the room throughout the day.

From the furniture in the hall, you will find a wooden staircase that can be easily rolled to any corner of the hall, a bar stool with graceful curves, an antique classic chair, a comfortable light sofa and a leather armchair with metal legs.

The cycloramm can accommodate up to 3 people.

Good for business, portrait and fashion shootings.




• Godox SZ150R RGB Continuous LED light 1pc
• Flash Godox qt600ii 1pc
• Demountable walls black / white (movable walls)
• Geometric figures
• Gobo lighting + filters
• Paper backgrounds mounts
• Large octobox
• Two strip sotfboxes



Rental cost 35€ / hour

The cost of booking the second hour is 30€ / hour


*If you need any additional equipment, kindly let us know in advance. We can provide it to you if it is not used in another room. It is forbidden to take light sources or equipment from other rooms on your own (or ask our manager for more info).

*If you’d like to book our studio on the same day – please contact us for further details.


If you want to book the studio in the late evening / at night – please send us a request below.

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Booking in the late evening/ at night


Booking in the late evening/ at night

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Booking in the late evening/ at night

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